Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mia Gets Pierced!

Mia has been dying to get her ears pierced for a couple of months now and I was all set to take her to Claire's at the mall. I pictured that Norman Rockwell moment where mom takes daughter on her first rite of passage into girlhood. You can envision it with me: we pick out a cute pair of earrings, the guns come out, and we stop for ice cream afterwards. Well, it didn't happen like that.....not by a long shot!

When I told Brian that I was going to take Mia to the mall, he told me "oh, no you won't". He told me that if she wanted her ears pierced, he wanted her to go to a professional. He's heard too many stories of botched ear piercings using the piercing guns. So, this past Monday, we had the day off and sent Seth to daycare. We arrived at DreamTime tattoo shop and signed the necessary paperwork. There were a few people in the shop and they had plenty of tattoos and piercings between them. We looked through the photo albums at all the tattoos (keeping Mia away from the 18 and over only book!). I got a great shot of Brian and Mia surrounded by all the tattoo wall art while we waited for the guy who does the piercings. In walks Stephen, complete with orange mohawk (it glows in the dark), bullnose-style nose ring, and a ton of tattoos. He pierced Mia's ears the old fashioned way........with a needle. Then he put in some small hoop earrings. Mia was pretty brave through it all. She cried during the needle sticks but was fine by the time we left the shop. Not your typical Normal Rockwell moment by any means, but Mia's piercings are perfectly centered and this was a day we'll remember forever!

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Michelle said...

Too funny!!

The pictures will make a interesting scrapbook page, you can match the paper with his hair.