Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mia Gets Stitched!

Well it's been an eventful week for Mia. She had to get stitches on the top of her left big toe last night. She was playing barefoot in our church's garage with some friends and cut it on a piece of metal. She ended up with a gash about 2 inches long by 1/2" wide and it was down to the tendon. She kept asking, "Is that my bone?". Brian got the call at home that she was hurt so he ran up to check her out and promptly knew that the injury was beyond anything he could fix. So, he ran her up to the local Priority Care. Meanwhile, I had ran out really quick to do some shopping (unfortunately without my cell phone), and didn't find out until I got home. When I got to Priority Care, they were still waiting in the waiting room. Poor Mia was just crying and shaking. We finally got called back and the doctor took a look at it. Fortunately her tendon was intact, so stitches were the only thing needed. They numbed her foot with some topical ointment and all was going well, but then he had to inject the numbing fluid in her wound. Though she held her foot still the entire time, Mia screamed until he was done because it hurt so much. But then the area went entirely numb and she was fine. She laid back on the chair while he stitched her up. She ended up with 12 stitches. She's doing great as of this morning as I write this post. Says it doesn't even hurt that much (unless she tries to put weight on that foot). The only bad thing is that she has pom pom practice tonight and tomorrow and was supposed to cheer during half time at the high school football game on Friday. Now she'll only be able to do the hand motions and yell. She's actually taking the news pretty well though. What a trooper!

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