Friday, October 24, 2008

A Raving Review

Warning: Parental brag fest ahead! Stop reading now if you feel the content might cause you discomfort.

Parent-Teacher Conferences were held yesterday at Mia's school. Mia's teacher, Mrs. Dodd, told us that Mia is doing very well in class and she loves having her. Mia made all A's on her report card, 2 "M's", and 3 "E's" (there are a few subjects for which they don't get a grade, just an "M" for Meets Expectations, or an "E" for Exceeds Expectations). According to our neighbors who have daughters older than ours at the same school, the E's are really hard to come by. We also found out that Mia's reading skills are comparable to those of an average fifth grader (Mia is in 2nd grade) and that she scored 99% or higher than kids her age NATIONALLY in reading. We knew she was a good reader, but we were still floored. Obviously, we are extremely proud of her!

I debated whether I should share this news as I'm not crazy about parents who brag about their kids ad nauseum, but I think it's important to recognize a child's strengths and hard work. So how could I not share this exciting news?!! Plus, we know that Mia is far from perfect. For one, she is a terrible slob. We're continually asking her to pick up her room or pick up the basement. There's more but I don't want to ruin the festive mood!

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