Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ray's Octoberfest

Our friend Ray throws a huge Octoberfest celebration in his yard (it's big) every year. This year, the party spanned part of 3 days. We had German pork sandwiches on Friday night. These fried pork-loin style sandwiches were as big as a plate and make the oversize buns look small in comparison. On Saturday, the kilt-clad guys and girls from Ancient Athletics led a small parade down the street and then held sheaf (and keg) toss contests most of the afternoon and evening. On Sunday, the polka music was in full swing, led by a lederhosen-clad fellow. There was root beer on tap and fresh Orange Julius slushie drinks (both alcoholic and non). The kids had a ball every day and so did we!

Seth with two of the Ancient Athletics guys (that's Merle on the left...he's wearing a fake tattoo sleeve) Seth in his kilt

Mia's kilt no longer fit her but she was just as happy in a cute skirt

The Ancient Athletics sheaf toss set-up

Brian helping Seth in the kid version of the Chicken Dance contest (they had a contest for the adults too)

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