Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Silver Dollar City Fun - Part 2

Seth was so excited to ride the Frisco Silver Dollar Line train. The tracks went through part of Silver Dollar City and then into the nearby woods. There were lit character boards throughout the way and they played Christmas songs.

Then, the train stopped on the tracks next to "Grandpa", who was sitting in a rocker next to the tracks. Grandpa told the story of Jesus' birth and as he did so, various character boards were lit up. It was really a neat touch to the train ride and Seth, who is fixated with "grandpas" loved it. He kept asking, "Is that my grandpa?".

After the train ride, we ventured up to the Mill Restaurant for a prime rib buffet. The food was pretty good and relished the chance to get out of the cold for a bit and sit. After dinner, it was time for the lighting of the Christmas tree. The lights on the gigantic tree would change colors and patterns, all to the beat of a musical score. It was so impressive. Too bad we were having trouble figuring out how to get our camera to take good photos of the lights at night.

The Mill Restaurant all lit up.

After the Christmas tree lighting, we hightailed it back to the train to catch another ride. We knew that the trip would be even more beautiful after dark with the lights. And Seth was eager to see Grandpa again!

Following the train ride, we lined up on Main Street to await the lighted parade. Here's a view up the street. Nearly every building and structure at Silver Dollar City has some kind of lights. They boast over 4 million lights total. It truly was beautiful. Sure wish we had gotten more decent pictures.

Brian & Mia just before the start of the parade. Seth is actually sleeping in the wagon next to Mia under the blanket. He fell asleep mere minutes before the parade started! In case you're wondering, Mia has some rock candy in her mouth, thus the blue blob!

I didn't get any pictures of the parade. For one, we were so enthralled with watching it that we just forgot. And two, we still haven't figured out a good camera setting to take photos of lights at night. We definitely need to fiddle with it.
Anyway, that's all for Silver Dollar City. We left shortly after the parade. And the following day, we left Sue & Rich's house at 5:30am and made it home in a quick 5-1/2 hours. We had a rocky start with 2 cranky kids, but then everyone settled in for the ride. We had fun but were glad to get home.

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