Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa, "The Man"

We went to the mall last Thursday night to see Santa. Seth was so excited, though he doesn't show it in these pictures. Brian said to Seth, "There's the Man!!!". When Seth laid eyes on Santa, he started jumping up and down saying "I see Santa....I see Santa!" And most of the time while he was sitting on Santa's lap, Seth was just grinning ear to ear. It was too cute! Mia is turning 8 in a few weeks so her excitement over Santa was a little more contained, but at least she's no longer scared of him! There were several years where she wouldn't sit on his lap until Brian or I went with her. It was the same for the Easter Bunny too. After visiting Santa, the kids rode the mini train. Mia put on her "antlers" for the ride.

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