Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheerleader For a Day

The high school cheerleaders sponsored a Cheer Clinic for elementary-age school girls as a fundraiser. The girls practiced for 2 nights after school last week and then got to cheer during half-time at the basketball game last Friday.

Here's a photo of the Junior Varsity basketball players, mainly so you can get a look at the high school gym.

Just before the start of the Varsity game, the 2 cheerleading squads lined up on the sidelines and had a little friendly "Cheer Off". The visiting team (Athens High School) did a cheer first and then the home team (Pleasant Plains High School) did a cheer routine. We were near their end of the court so we were able to see them pretty close-up.

At half-time, the girls came out on the court as 3 separate groups (divided by grades). Mia's group did 2 cheers and a short dance. Unfortunately I couldn't get closer to Mia for the photos, so I have circled her so you can tell her apart from the others.

And Seth had quite a bit of fun too. He enjoyed watching the basketball players and the members of the band (they were directly behind us). Between the JV and Varsity games, Brian took Seth over to the Pep Squad area and Seth got to pose with a couple of guys dressed as a gorilla and a monkey.

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