Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seeing Green

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I've had a busy month with work, the kids and house, and my stamping business. I'll try to do better but no promises!

Last Saturday, we took the kids and our neighbor Lauren to the St. Patrick's Parade in downtown Springfield. It was warmer than it has been in the past few years, but it's still quite chilly downtown due to the wind and shade. Seth and I were the only smart ones...opting to keep on our winter coats rather than leave them in the van (which was a long hike away from our parade-viewing spot). We did move to another part of the route that was in the sun rather than the shade and that made a huge difference.

Of all the Springfield parades, this one is our favorite. It's always so festive and everyone is wearing tons of green. This year, the parade was even longer than normal. We left after 2 hours and it wasn't quite finished yet. Crazily enough, Lauren scored a cabbage from one of the parade entrants. I've seen plenty of candy, literature, and other trinkets handed out at the parade, but never cabbage! Lauren was nice enough to share though and we used it on St. Patrick's Day to make corned beef and cabbage.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3 Amigos & a Rocket Cake

We had Seth's birthday party this past Saturday. Though we had celebrated on his actual birthday, this was the day we invited his friends for a Buzz Lightyear party. We had 12 kids total plus a bunch of parents. My house, which normally seems fairly decent-sized, seemed to have shrunk. There were people on both levels and it still felt crowded at times. But we had alot of fun anyway. Thought I'd share photos of Seth & his 2 girlfriends and his cool cake (made by yours truly!).

Seth & his two girlfriends, Sophie & Marie. These three started daycare together when they were just a couple of months old and have been together ever since, even changing daycare centers at one point. Here they are illustrating "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

Seth's cool rocket cake. I saw one like this on the internet and had to try it for myself. Since my 11x14" cake pan wouldn't feed too many people, I ordered an un-iced 1/2 sheet cake from Sam's (with icing on the side) and cut the cake in the shape of a rocket. Then I colored the whipped icing and spread it on the pieces. Top with a few M&M's and Hot Tamale candies, add an ice cream cone (we added licorice sticks right before the party to represent fire coming out of the cone), and you're good to go!