Saturday, April 18, 2009


Brian took Seth down to the neighborhood pond the other evening and not long after they got there, I received a phone call at home. It was Brian and he wanted me to bring the camera down. I figured he had caught another big fish, but this time is was a snapper! Evidently Brian thought he had a fish on the line too until he got the turtle up to shore; thus, my play on words for the title of this post. {For those of you who don't know, Snapfish is the name of a popular company that offers online photo-uploading & printing services}. It's hard to tell in the photo but the turtle was a nice-sized one.....we estimated him at about 10-12 pounds. Just when I wondered how Brian was going to get him off the hook, the hook actually broke in half and the turtle took off for deeper water. {Not to worry...the hook was barbless}

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter photos

Here were are all dressed up for Easter Sunday. The Easter bunny brought the dress for Mia....she loved it.
After church, we drove down to Litchfield to have Easter dinner at my Uncle John & Aunt Kathy's house. The kids loved playing outside. Here are the little kids getting ready for the egg hunt (Merran, Seth, Ian, & Merrik).

Grandpa, who recently went to the nursing home, came to visit for a few hours. Luckily we remembered to get a picture of him with all his kids & grandkids.

And finally, here's grandpa with all his great grandkids!

I love holidays and spending it with my family!

Friday, April 10, 2009

What a Catch!

My cousin's son Timothy spent the weekend with us last week so he and Brian could go turkey hunting. During a lull in hunting, Brian took all the kids, plus Mia's friend (also named Mia) up to the neighborhood pond. Brian ended up catching this huge 7 lb bass. What a catch!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Look What the Easter Bunny Brought

Well....not really. But I couldn't resist snapping a photo after Kenai cuddled up in Seth's Easter basket. We were getting ready to head out to a friend's egg hunt when he climbed in. Too cute!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chi-Town & Shedd Aquarium Adventure

During Mia's Spring Break in late March, we went on an overnight adventure to downtown Chicago. Brian was attending a meeting for work on Friday, so we all drove up Thursday afternoon. We checked into our hotel (the Marriott on Ohio & Rush) and got unpacked. When it was time for dinner, we decided to walk a few city blocks to the Rainforest Cafe. The kids loved the jungle decor, indoor waterfall, and giant aquariums. I enjoyed seeing the city at night, though our walk was a little chilly! After dinner, we stopped for ice cream at McDonald's and then walked back to the hotel to hit the pool before bed.
The next day, Brian left for his meeting. The kids and I hung out in the room and at the pool and then at lunchtime, we walked down to McDonald's. Even though their prices are higher than normal in the city, it was still cheaper to feed the kids there than at the hotel or any other restaurant! Plus, this McDonald's is decorated very modern and has an escalator inside that you can take to the 2nd level and watch all the city happenings.

After lunch, the kids and I took a taxi over to the Shedd Aquarium and Brian met us there. This was the kids' first taxi ride and they really enjoyed it, especially Seth. Evidently it was Spring Break up in Chicago too because the Aquarium was pretty crowded. Sadly the Oceanarium was closed for remodeling. But we did get to see just about everything else there in about a 3 hour time span. My favorite part was looking for frogs and other small critters in the habitat exhibits. It was like a live nature version of I Spy! Seth liked the sharks the best and Mia was enthralled with the stingrays and sea horses. Brian was wowed by the sea dragons, crazy looking creatures related to sea horses. Their tanks were so dark that I couldn't get a good photo (thus, I downloaded some from the internet.